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Credit Card Pre-authorisation:
For guests’ convenience, Hotel Dom Pedro Marina asks for a credit card pre-authorisation at check-in in the amount of 50 (fifty) euro per night of stay, to guarantee possible expenses in the Hotel’s several points of sales. This specific credit opening in the Hotel’s account during the stay allows to pay for all the charges at the check-out. This pre-authorisation is not a debit but a plafond that will appear in your card account. Pre-authorisation should be realeased by your issuing bank automatically within 2 to 5 working days, depending on the origin or country of the bank account and on the bank eletronic circuit.
If the automatic realease of the pre-authorisation is not done in due time you will need to contact your home issuing bank.

Opening of a current account without a credit card:
As an alternative to the credit card it is accepted the deposit in cash of the amount of 50 (fifty) euro per night of stay.
If you don’t want to have a current account during you stay either by making a credit card pre-authorisation or making a cash deposit as above referred, you will have to pay immediately for all your charges (food, beverages, services, etc.) at the moment they are supplied.

Other useful information about Hotel Dom Pedro Marina
1.    This hotel has a no smoking policy, therefore if you smoke in your room a cleaning fee in the amount of 180 € would be charged.
2.    All rooms have safes, for that reason the hotel is not responsible for any values left in the rooms or any other places in the hotel.
3.    In case of emergency and if you hear the alarm signal:
       - Proceed calmly to the exit, following the safety exit indications
       - Close the doors when you left
       - Don’t use the lifts
       - Listen to the team instructions indicating the security "meeting point” and never go back without  authorisation.

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